April 19, 2010

Tech Questions 18

1) FLOPS is the measure of the perfomance of a Computer. What is the expansion of FLOPS ?
Floating Point Operations Per Second.
2) Name the SuperComputer from NEC which was the world’s first vector processor to exceed
100 gigaFLOPS per single core ?
3) In 1844, David Brewster introduced a device that could take photographic pictures in 3D.
Name the device ?
→ Stereoscope
4) The brands H3C, TippingPoint belongs to which computer Networks company ?
→ 3Com
5) How do you know GSA in connection with mobile phone ?
→ Global Mobile Suppliers Association
6) The ASCI Red project was a collaboration between Sandia Labs and a famous Company.
Which was the company ?
→ Intel Corporation
7) This company was started as Multitech in 1976. It began with 11 employees and US$25,000
capital. Identify the company ?
→ Acer
8) Which was the software described as “ as industry standard for graphic professionals” ?
→ Adobe Photoshop
9) In november 2005 MIT research Laboratories unveiled a new laptop computer, for
educational use around the world. What was it’s name?
→ OLPC or $100 or XO1
10) Who is known as the “ Father of Information Theory” ?
→ Claude Elwood Shannon.

April 14, 2010

Gadgets 01

Identify the gadget. This is the first E-book reader from India ?

ANS: InfiBeam Pi

April 11, 2010

Tech Questions 17

1) The languages Perl, PHP and ‘x’ are known as “ The Three Ps”. Now tell which is the language
denoted by x ?
→ Python
2) Name the web appliccation frame work from Microsoft that provide functionalities similar to
that of Adobe Flash ?
→ Silverlight
3) Born on Februay 24, 1955. He is an American Businessman. He had served as the CEO of Pixar
Animation Studios. He belongs to Apple Inc. Who is he ?
→ Steve Jobs
4) How do you know the device - “ iTV” now ?
→ Apple TV
5) TMTOWTDI – is the short for one of the slogan of the programmig language Perl. What is it’s
expansion ?
→ “There’s is More Than One Way To Do It.”
6) What is the expansion of D-SLR in the field of Cameras ?
→ Digital – Single Lense Reflex
7) Who acquired Ximian, a developer of Open Source Linux Applications in 2003
→ Novell
8) Name the CPU used in the first commercially successful portable microcomputer – Osborne 1 ?
→ Zilog Z80 ( 4.0 MHz )
9) The products such as Treo, Centro & Tungston are from which company ?
→ Palm
10) This company was formaly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Now their slogan
is “ Ideas For Life “. Identify the company ?
→ Panasonic

April 4, 2010

Tech Questions 16

1) This term is related to multimedia. This term is formed by contracting the words “ Future” & “
Splash”. What we are talking about ?
→ Flash
2) We might have heard CDMA & TDMA. What is FDMA ?
→ Frequency Division Multiple Access
3) Name the open source project hosted by the IT giant Microsoft ?
→ Codeplex
4) Which is the German Video game company founded in 1999 by three Turkish Brothers ?
→ Crytek
5) Really simple question. Name the place where one can use a computer with internet access,
most for a fee, usually per hour or minute ?
→ Internet Cafe or Cyber Cafe
6) “ A Personal Computer for Children Of All Ages”. Whose quotes are these ?
→ Alan Kay
7) Who publishes the games of the series “
Grand Theft Auto “ ?
→ Rockstar Games.
8) Which is the global IT Service company headquartered on Noida, founded by Shiv Nadar ?
→ HCL Technologies
9) How do you know “ Formula Translating System” more clearly ?
→ Fortran
10) The very first item sold on Ebay was a broken _______?
Laser Printer Laser Pointer.